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Taunton Mecca Bingo Hall winner can get married

  • 06 Aug 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoDonna Gubb from Willand is celebrating in style after winning a massive full house bingo jackpot prize of £20,000 at her local Mecca Bingo hall in Taunton. Donna, 26, had gone to the Mecca Bingo hall with a group of friends to play bingo not realising that her fortunes were about to take a turn for the better with her bumper Mecca Bingo win. Donna hadn’t realised at first the scale of her big £20k Mecca Bingo win, thinking that she had maybe won £500. Although overjoyed at winning a prize at all, Donna’s surprise soon turned to shock when the news started to sink in but only finally dawning on her fully when the other Mecca bingo players all started clapping in celebration.

Redundancy put the wedding on hold

Donna is overjoyed at her sudden good fortune thanks to the Mecca Bingo club, as she has recently been made redundant so really couldn’t come at a better time for her and her partner. In fact she had to put her wedding plans and her house renovations on hold when she found out she was losing her job, but thanks to the win they are able to put their plans back on track. Although Donna said that her Mecca Bingo win would be spent wisely, saying in the Somerset County Gazette “We had been talking about getting married before I was made redundant, and we were also in the process of doing up our house, But that all came to a standstill” and added “Now my priority is getting the house finished then maybe we can think about a wedding – although I wont be splashing all the cash on it.”

The Mecca Bingo hall can be found on Corporation Street in Taunton and is not only a popular bingo club but a popular meeting place for local people to socialise. In fact the Mecca bingo hall players often come from far and wide to play their favourite bingo games at this popular Bingo hall in the centre of the thriving County town. Now with yet another big Mecca Bingo winner being talked about in Taunton town, the club can only gain yet more bingo players.


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