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Telly Bingo is Coming Your Way!

  • 16 Apr 08
  • Written by admin

TV bingoBingo has been going for centuries in various forms and has always
been incredibly popular on account of its simple yet exciting format. Bingo is so popular worldwide that it is constantly adapting itself to become available to more players in new and exciting ways – that’s why these days
there are more ways than ever to enjoy your favourite game.

Since 2006, the idea of online bingo has become less of an online fad and part of the social lives of millions of people around the world. Internet bingo, although a very different experience to real world bingo, has become massively popular due to its flexibility and ease of play.

Recently with the smattering of bingo ads becoming more evident, online bingo has turned itself into a million pound business. Bingo is now reaching into the world of television and is all the better for it, proving that new ways to play are always in demand and that players are happy to adapt to new versions of the game.

There are many ways to play through your interactive television, but at the moment only digital viewers can receive the main games on offer such as the Gala Bingo game on Sky and Telly Bingo on RTE.

Irish players can also play Telly Bingo from the National Lottery through normal channels. The National Lottery game is what it says on the tin: bingo on the telly. If you want to buy tickets from your local Lotto outlet, you can purchase either grids of 24 pre-selected numbers or you can choose your own numbers – all for the bargain price of
three euros.

There are there are 5 ways to win in this game and the prizes go from 5 euros to 10,000 depending on whether you bingo on four corners, cross where the numbers should form the pattern of an ‘x’, full house or snowball. Snowball is won if a player bingos before the 45th ball is drawn. Lastly there is the option of the lucky line.

Lucky Line is the 6-digit number printed underneath the 24-number grid on your card. During the course of each telly bingo show the presenter will choose a card at random, and if your numbers match those called you have till 9 pm to phone the show and play Phone Risk. During this game you will have the chance to win an extra prize ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 euros!

With all these chances to win big, there’s never been a better time to think about joining the digital revolution and play cutting edge games.

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