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The 3rd Online Bingo Summit Gets Foxy

  • 25 Jun 08
  • Written by admin

Foxy online bingo winners

Foxy Bingo has long been a favourite of ours at Bingo Hideout and our high recommendations of this site have always gone down well with all our members. Of course we are not the only ones who have noticed the Foxmeister’s rise to fame and increasingly throughout the online gaming industry Foxy are now being recognised as one of the leading players around.

As reported last week Ben went off to the 3rd Online Bingo Summit to represent Bingo Hideout and saw Foxy win Best Online Bingo Operator and Best Marketing Campaign 2008. We here at Bingo Hideout are all pleased to continue to support Foxy Bingo and think they deserve all the credit they receive from players and now throughout the industry.

As you may have already read in our article about the estimated annual expenditure on online bingo in this
country, Foxy are estimated to have around 13% of the total market share of online bingo in the UK. This guesstimate makes Foxy a huge player in the online bingo market, second only to Sun and Gala. This
innovative site – now only in its 3rd year – has developed into a trusted brand name and showing that newcomers can make quite an impression. So why did it get these awards?

As the only bingo site to sponsor a terrestrial TV programme shown on one of the four original channels, Foxy captures the audience on mainstream channels from early morning and continues apace throughout the day with
its current ad campaign. The Foxy sponsorship of Jeremy Kyle is an innovative approach to online bingo advertising and doesn’t promote the site so much as express the humour and fun behind the game, mixing ball calls with an amusing narrative.

Capturing the market for
women who stay at home, the Jeremy Kyle ads in particular are a clever means of promotion and Foxy’s market share proves that this targeted primetime viewing campaign really works. Previous ads in the Foxy campaign lent heavily on the play for free aspect, but now just engage those who know the game with a shared language and rely on Foxy’s unusual appearance to stick in potential player’s minds.

Always setting new standards, Foxy has shown that a new, strong and recognisable brand is promising as a long-term investment for players and operators alike. The industry accolades that Foxy are now picking up are even more deserved when you consider they come in the light of Foxy’s decision to end the sign up war. Foxy have once
again led the way for a change in the way online bingo sites work by putting an end to their free sign up offer, which hopefully will have a knock-on effect across the industry.

Deterring fair weather players the disappearance of the sign up incentive for free play means the players Foxy picks up are likely to be longer term than those who ‘just fancy a go’. Ultimately this means Foxy can concentrate its efforts on those players who are loyal to the site and create new ways to engage them for the long haul. It is these aspects of the Foxy brand that Bingo Hideout love so much; their introduction of a dedicated radio station and an annual getaway for its players mean that there could be no other choice for Best Operator of the Year for us!


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