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The answer to our prayers – bingo is good for you!

  • 23 Jun 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoWe are constantly bombarded with stories that every day pleasures are bad for you, from drinking your daily glass of wine with your dinner to indulging in your weekly treat of chocolate or chips.  It seems that the pleasure police are out to stop us having fun, that is until now.  An article published in today’s Telegraph has given us all hope by confirming what all of us bingo players have known for a long time that playing bingo is good for us. Ok so it wasn’t only bingo that was mentioned as being good for the health, organisations such as the Women’s Institute and being part of a local church group would also help.

A Bingo a day helps keep Dr D’eath at bay!

The article in the Telegraph was reporting on evidence published on the Reuters Health website, the data was taken from a study carried out in the States where a group of 96 elderly people were tested for evidence of the decline experienced in their motor function over a period of five years.  The original results published in a Medical journal stated that by socialising, playing bingo and keeping busy meant that evidence of dementia, disability and death was cut by up to two thirds by those that were active. Dr Aron S. Buchman who led the research at the Rush Medical Centre in Chicago concludes that although there is a recognised pattern of decline in elderly people, those that enjoyed an active social life and playing games such as bingo had a reduced rate of 65% of developing a disability and premature death was cut by 40%.  Dr Buchman acknowledges that there is still further study work required and might we be so bold as to suggest that all our regular older readers of Bingo Hideout volunteer to assist Dr Buchman by playing free online bingo games – at the expense of the Rush Medical Centre of course!

Can we have a prescription for a six months supply of free bingo please?

Now Mr Brown and Mr Darling, never mind increasing taxation to our bingo halls you need to think again, it would seem more appropriate in light of this study to provide our bingo games on the NHS.  Forget about giving us all free health MOT’s and wasting further public cash which quite frankly could be used to help fund ministers expenses claims, just give us all a few weekly games of bingo completely free.  What an idea, as not only will we see our beloved bingo halls remain firmly on the high street but we all will be less of a burden on the troubled National Health Service too! Maybe Mecca Bingo could be given hospital NHS Trust status too?

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