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The Best and Worst of the Bingo Ads

  • 30 Dec 11
  • Written by Deena Chance

Campaign Magazine’s annual countdown of the best and worst adverts of the year featured one from an up and coming online bingo site.  The site in question chose Welsh rugby player and ‘The Bachelor’ star, Gavin Henson as their figurehead. Unfortunately for Brits Bingo, choosing to include some of Henson’s less than snappy dance moves has cost them dearly and won them second place in the worst celeb adverts of 2011. Unfortunately, not one bingo advert made it into the top ten best adverts according to Campaign.

The advert, in which Henson initially appears in his usual topless state, shows Henson with a female co-star playing online bingo and then suddenly busting a few moves around the living room. Almost as embarrassing as his appearance on The Bachelor, it’ll be a long time before Henson lives down this performance. Henson’s appearance sees him only losing out to worst place ranking by racing driver Jenson Button, who featured in an ad for Head & Shoulders. Other ‘stars’ in the list include Luis Figo’s Just for Men advert and Vernon Kay’s cringe worthy appearance in the Flora ad.

On the other hand, there has been some success in the TV advertising stakes for another brand. We discussed the results of the eGR operator awards earlier this year and reported that JackpotJoy walked away with the best advertising campaign. The ever popular adverts featuring TV veteran Barbara Windsor have been a huge hit, each one more entertaining than the last and both the industry experts and general public alike agree. The Queen of Bingo image suits Windsor down to a tee and JackpotJoy clearly deserve the praise and award they’ve received for the campaign.

The positive press received by the JackpotJoy Bingo campaign is really motivating the industry, and we’re hopeful that we will see a move away from online bingo adverts being targeted by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) for breaching rules and will be viewed in a more positive light. The Tombola brand in particular has seen itself up in front of the ASA on two separate occasions for different offences but hopefully this is now a thing of the past as they continue to sponsor Emmerdale with their successful bumper ads.

Television advertising campaigns are key to the success of online bingo websites, which is why so many sites agree to sponsor and therefore affiliate themselves with particular television programmes. Online bingo is so popular nowadays; it’s never a surprise to see a new advertising campaign for a new brand appearing on our screens.


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