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The danger of playing free online bingo games

  • 20 Aug 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Free BingoFree Bingo is certainly the game of choice for a lot of online bingo players at the moment, but it is always worth bearing in mind the problems associated of playing only free online bingo games.  Firstly from a player perspective there is the amount of online bingo players in the rooms which without a bit of doubt make the likelihood of a win very small indeed.  If you have 2,000+ online bingo players all trying to win the Free no deposit jackpot prize of the princely sum of £10, then 2000+ people less one are going to be disappointed!  Added to that is the fact that the online bingo jackpots in the free rooms are likely to be very small, it does beg the question is it really worth it anyway?

Deposits to online bingo accounts create the cash to offer bingo prizes

The bingo sites themselves are finding that the players choosing to play the free online bingo rooms often do not go on to deposit – and what do deposits make? Prizes!  It is also worth considering that without the depositing players, online bingo sites cannot hope to survive, so if you love your favourite online bingo sites then it is up to you the online bingo players to make sure that you still frequent them, or one day they might not be there.  The trouble with the free bingo games is the sites that offer them are victims of their own success, so popular are they that players are forgetting to play their usual online bingo rooms.

You don’t get nothing for nothing!

Without doubt the best option is to play the occasional free online bingo rooms and not make them the only games you play, our suggestion would be to limit your activity in the free bingo rooms.  This would make it fairer for all the online bingo players taking part.  Smaller numbers of players would mean more likelihood of a win giving everyone a much better chance to be the lucky free bingo winner.  Players need to realise that playing only free online bingo games can only damage the game overall, jackpot prizes for depositing players will also reduce as the online bingo sites will have to subsidise the free games and the money will have to come from somewhere. So still enjoy your free online bingo games at the likes of 888 Ladies or Sun Bingo but just don’t overuse it.

Free Bingo – it was fun at first but lets all get back to making our deposits to play the real games, and keep the free bingo as a little extra now and then or when mid month our wallets are a little lighter and payday is a few weeks off.  We are worried that the frenzy for free bingo might see the end of some of the great online bingo sites out there, and we really don’t want that to happen … Do you?

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