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The dilemma faced when winning a Tombola Bingo jackpot

  • 24 Oct 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Tombola BingoWinning a big online bingo jackpot often gives a dilemma on what a player should do with the money, certainly if it is a nice healthy sum but not quite a life changing amount of money and even more so in the current economic climate.  One recent winner at Tombola Bingo had just a dilemma, although wanting to rush out and splurge some bingo jackpot cash on a holiday in Las Vegas her sensible head was saying maybe we should take it slowly as there was a possibility of her husband being made redundant – So should she spend or stash away for a rainy day!

The lady concerned Christine Giles won a pretty impressive £13,761 playing the Bingo 90 game at Tombola, and although it is a large bingo jackpot and obviously comes in very handy there is a sensible side in almost every online bingo player which says ‘maybe a squander isn’t the best way to use this online bingo jackpot’.  However there is just as often the naughty side saying completely the opposite, spend that Tombola Bingo win on a ‘new car, exotic holiday, new funky wardrobe of clothes, few pairs of Jimmy Choo’s and a new Fendi bag! Of course these things may not be sensible but then when times are hard who needs to be sensible.

The Tombola Bingo winner story is a pretty good example of how much of a dilemma it is if you do win a big bingo jackpot.  However our sister site Lotto Hideout carried a story yesterday of how a lottery winner in the States was doing the sensible thing by clearing her University debt but also was actually intending to purchase a car for her ex-boyfriend.  What’s wrong with that?  Well the fact that the gentleman concerned had left her two months previous for another woman adds a different slant to the story.  Now that is one dilemma that this particular online bingo player would never have.  Now should I spend this wisely or buy my ex-husband a new car?  I feel a pair of Jimmy Choo’s coming on with just the thought of it!


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