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The Health Lottery finds itself up against the ASA

  • 22 Apr 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altBack in December, you may remember we discussed the pros and cons of The Health Lottery and whether it was all it’s cracked up to be. Since then, there has been a relatively high proportion of press regarding the scheme and it has also found itself up against the Advertising Standards Authority as complaints have been made regarding its ads. The Health Lottery is yet another community lottery scheme which could appeal to online bingo and traditional bingo players alike but it seems particular adverts, both on television and in print have caused some complaint for readers and viewers.

The TV advert drew several complaints as customers questioned a statement which suggested if you matched five balls you would win £100,000. There were also further concerns regarding the matching of other numbers of balls and their respective prizes which a viewer considered misleading. The print advert, found in a leading daily newspaper on 15th October stated ‘Match any 5 balls. Win £100,000’ and a reader found this misleading as they understood the prize to be up to £100,000 rather than actually £100,000.

The print advert also stated that players of The Health Lottery were 7 times more likely to win their top prize which two further readers challenged and questioned whether it could be verified.
Despite the number of complaints, The Health Lottery mounted a fair and acceptable response explaining that their prizes are set at the amounts described and also provided statistics to show that the chances of winning their top prize, in comparison to that of the National Lottery, was actually 7 times more likely and so the ASA didn’t uphold or continue investigations into this claim.

Our previous look at The Health Lottery saw that leading figures from the charitable organisations were not in support of the scheme, branding it potentially ‘deeply damaging’ to the sector but this hasn’t stopped the signs and POS appearing in many major high street and even corner shops. It seems another lottery and another chance to aim for a big win is gaining player approval. It’s clear that the same sentiments remain from our previous thoughts, many bingo and online bingo fans could easily find themselves enjoying a weekly purchase of Health Lottery tickets as well as the National Lottery.

Even the ASA investigations have shown that The Health Lottery is exercising all the proper means to advertise their product and so if it’s successful, that’s down to their hard work and the punters simply wanting to give it a shot.

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