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The latest features from Parlay

  • 22 Jun 08
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Parlay online bingo softwareJust a few days ago one of the UK's most popular online bingo software creators, Parlay took their new platform, Parlay 5 for its industry debut at the Third Annual Online Bingo Summit in London. In demonstrating the new software's capacity for international game play Parlay have shown that once again they are breaking new ground for operators and players alike.

Throwing down the gauntlet to other platforms, Parlay have incorporated some expansive features in the new version and challenges others to face up to the increasing demand to supplement the huge market in a way as ambitious as this.

In the beginning…

As the first software supplier to provide a 90-ball version of the game for the UK market in 2004, Parlay has long since been considered market leaders in bingo software especially in the UK. This initial introduction of the UK to a playable and fun version of online bingo has resulted in the huge demand for play, which seems to be growing unstoppably.

Chat with players across the globe

The Parlay 5 software platform also creates more availability of space for operators and advertisers. This means that sites supported by this new software will look unlike other existing sites and that should make for better environments in the world of online bingo. With so many new sites coming online all the time it can be a little confusing for new players to differentiate between what's good and what's passable. Giving any online bingo site opportunities to develop their chosen theme is a positive step and should mean players getting the quality of game play they deserve. After all we pay to play on our favourite sites so we deserve as rich an experience as possible.

Better interactivity?

Bingo Hideout are very much looking forward to seeing the first example of this software in action and hope that all of the online bingo sites who invest in it will use its capacities well and invest in rewarding player features. We're hoping this platform can facilitate the sort of interactivity and community-based features that UK players deserve. After all, it's all very well to create a platform that is conversant with a global market, but let's also hope we see some positive changes for loyal UK players.

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