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The new face of Neteller

  • 24 Oct 08
  • Written by admin

Neteller - online bingo paymentIt has been confirmed in the last week that Neteller are forging ahead with their plans to re-brand and that the change is expected to take effect as of November 17th 2008.

This decision has come about as a need to move on from what some feel to be a chequered past, as well as the company’s desire to focus on casino players as well as their network of uk bingo customers.

A new way of paying online

The group, which is responsible for the moving of billions of dollars per year via online payments is changing its name to Neovia Financial and will continue to offer instant payments over the Internet for both gaming and other payment types. The new brand name means ‘New Way’ and underlines the companies desire to expand their options across new sectors and to represent the ‘online generation’ better with new and innovative payment systems.

The company currently move money in 160 countries and its independent status means that it has supported many retailers in different situations across the globe.

This change of name is yet to come into effect and with many online bingo sites supported by the brand, we at the Hideout are keen to learn whether customers using Neteller will have to move their funds or if this will happen automatically.

As soon as our online spies hear any more on this situation we will be sure to update our members as soon as possible as we are aware that many roomies who regularly play online bingo use this easy means of transferring their money online.

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