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The Origins of the Lucky Irish Leprechauns, Luck and Lack of Loosing

  • 26 Mar 15
  • Written by Peachy

irish leprechaunsWhen it comes to bingo, or any other form of game, betting or gambling or any life situation where you may require a little bit of extra luck, the term ‘The luck of the Irish’ is a very popular one indeed. How many of us really know where the term originated and why the Irish are deemed to be extremely lucky?

There isn’t actually a solid agreement when it comes to uncovering the real reasons behind the luck of the Irish. Of course there are the tales of the leprechauns finding pots of gold at the ends of rainbows and the famous four leafed clovers, which are used by many to bring them luck. Some have traced the lucky origins to the US, during the exploration for gold in the West, when many Irish people got lucky finding their pots of gold in the gold fields of California.

What’s in a colour?

The colour green is the colour of Ireland. Green is a colour with hugely positive connotations and great energy. From a psychological perspective, green is a great balancer of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart. It is also the colour of growth, renewal and rebirth. Green is also an emotionally positive colour associated with growth, health, wealth and happiness. The colour also relates to stability and endurance, giving us persistence and the strength to cope with adversity.

The four-leaf clover

Many associate the four-leaf clover with St. Patrick or as a generic symbol for Ireland. Delving deep into the old history of Ireland, the ancient Druids believed they could see evil spirits coming when they carried a shamrock, or three-leaf clover, which would give them a good chance to get away in time! On the other hand, they thought four-leaf clovers offered magical protection, and warded off bad luck. Moreover children in the middle ages actually believed they could see real fairies if they carried a four-leaf clover. The four-leaf clover also holds religious connotations as Christians viewed the four-leaf clover as lucky for its resemblance to the cross as it has four points. Some even believe that the fourth leaf symbolizes the Grace of God.

The leprechaun

A being from Irish mythology the leprechaun is also an Irish symbol of luck. They were known as craft specialists, the professionals in the community and were paid lots of money for their work.

According to Irish folklore, Leprechauns were known as craft specialists, the professionals in the community that where skilled with their hands and were paid substantial amounts of money for their handy work.

Because Leprechauns worked so hard and were very thrifty, maybe even misers, Leprechauns were said to be very rich. They were thought to have accumulated a lot of gold and buried it in pots. Irish folklore suggests that these “Pots of Gold” were buried at the end of a rainbow.

Hopefully you will feel as though you understand a little more about the origins of the Irish’s luck! If you want to change your luck why not try and accumulate one of the above for the next time you need some luck on your side!

May you live a long life,

Full of gladness and health;

With pockets full of gold,

As the least of your wealth.

May the dreams you hold dearest,

Be those which come true;

The kindness you spread,

Keep returning to you.

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