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The Red or Black? £1m prize is not exactly black and white

  • 08 Sep 11
  • Written by Deena Chance

altJackpotJoy have launched a whole range of Red or Black? games to coincide with the showing of the latest ITV game show programme of the same name.  If you haven’t watched the latest Simon Cowell TV sensation then you won’t understand entirely the edge of the seat experience of being a contestant, studio member or a viewer at home.  So big is the budget for the show, that there is £1million prize up for grabs each evening that the programme is running…… or is there?  Recent news stories have revealed that one winner will possibly have his £1m prize stripped from him for not revealing the full details of his criminal past.  Last night’s show also had one participant missing from the final line up because of similar issues.

The Red or Black? show has received mixed reviews from critics, this was prior to the latest revelations. The press has now seized on the lack of screening by the production team, to further cast a black cloud on what should be an exciting autumn television event. Whether the critics love or loathe the show is irrelevant, for most viewers the programme is easy, compulsive viewing that even allows for viewer participation.

Controversy aside, the show features lots of entertaining acts that are slotted in amongst the various rounds, where players make their decisions on whether to go Red or Black?.  The show even has a dedicated website where there is news and additional games which visitors can take part in for a further real life taste of the show. The online bingo site Jackpotjoy scored a coup by gaining the sole rights to launch games with the Red or Black? Branding.  These games will run at the Jackpotjoy Bingo site for the duration of the TV show run.

The Jackpotjoy games do not have any of the issues associated with the TV show…… participants don’t need to be vetted, and neither can a prize be snatched back if a player’s moral compass is a little askew.  The games available to play at the online bingo site include; Red or Black? One Million Joy Points Giveaway, four new and exclusive Red or Black instant games and the Red or Black The Great Roulette Tournament.  The online bingo site has launched special adverts featuring the Queen of Bingo wearing the Red or Black? colours plus the bingo site has had a temporary makeover to also feature the same red and black appearance.

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