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The Sun Bingo shines its light on 100 of its players

  • 28 Jul 09
  • Written by

Sun Bingo

Bingo Hideout has been around a while now and in that time we’ve seen many a promo come and go, but in the light of how impressive the latest Sun promotion is, we have been feeling quite overwhelmed! One of the biggest giveaways ever in UK online bingo is currently being held over at the Sun Bingo site. This incredible site is giving away 100 cars till September 27th and best of all it’s easy as pie to get in on the action. In order to qualify, you’ll need to play the minimum amount for the game you like and as a result you’ll be entered into their prize draw. The minimum play is £2 per day on bingo and £10 for a day’s worth of slots play, so no matter which is your favourite, you still stand a chance of being part of one of the biggest and best giveaways ever!

No need to camp outside for this massive sale

The Sun Summer Bingo Sale is also running alongside their amazing car offer and this cool feature means that you can now get games for free and win cash at this site too!

With the chance to win £50 for a house and more prizes for one and two lines, all you need to do is get in play between 8pm and 10pm until the 2nd August in the Fashion Club and you will still have plenty to spend on winning yourself a car later in the week!

Grab a grand

As if all that wasn’t enough there are even generous Full House games every night this week where the prize is £1,000. Every night in Sun Bingo 90 you too could be playing for a grand from 9pm so why stop by both this and the freebie games this week and see how far your money can go with the Sun.

Don’t forget that the new sunbingo.co.uk site now also has a huge choice of games outside of the bingo hall; with instant win games, snap and slots to choose from you’ll find something to tickle your fancy here and for as little as 1p. Each of their slot games are available in free play versions too, so even if your credit has been crunched, you’ll have loads to keep you busy.


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