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The whole You Got Bingo Network closed as of today

  • 14 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

You Got Bingo NetworkBingo Hideout has had official notification this morning that the whole of the You Got Bingo Network including Churchill Bingo is closing as of today.  The notification sent by email to all account holders, states that the reason for the closure of the online bingo sites is because whole network has been purchased by an unspecified buyer.  Possible clues to the purchaser might be found in the email, where there is a recommendation for all You Got Bingo network players to play at Jackpot Joy.  The email states ‘In the meantime you may want to check out the following sites that we recommend as offering fair and honest games with great prizes’ which is then followed by a Jackpot Joy banner and link to the online bingo site.

The email simply states:

“Dear my loyal Roomie,

Exciting changes are happening with your favorite online bingo network. Over the last few months industry leaders have been contacting Skippy asking to buy the bingo network and all of his great games. Many times, Skippy has turned down these offers.

Skippy has always wanted to make sure that his roomies come first. Recently an exciting offer has been accepted which will benefit all Roomies.

Unfortunately, this means that as of today Skippy will not be able to provide his services until the new owners start up and take over. The Bingo halls and games are now closed until the new sites are operational, which we expect to be early in the New Year.

We would love to thank all members for making the network such a great success. For All Account Issues, please do not hesitate to contact Skippy at Skippy@yougotbingo. All enquiries will be answered in the fastest time possible.”

It has been bandied about certain blog sites that the Interactive Playnet software provider and You Got Bingo network was closing due to payment processing issues. Whether this is the case remains to be seen as no mention is made in the email of any issues regarding payments.  Bingo Hideout did contact the Interactive Playnet customer services team on Thursday enquiring if rumours of an imminent closure were true and were informed in response to our enquiry “Unfortunately this is the case and we will be closing down shortly although not specifically for the reasons stated” and “We have a 3rd party who wishes to buy the company and their intentions are not to focus on the bingo side but on the casino side.” We are unsure if this response would indicate that the Bingo side of the operation has been sold separately or if there is any real basis to the presumption that Jackpot Joy might be involved or if the full range of bingo sites will eventually reopen.  One thing is for sure there will now be no opportunity to play any of the sites under the You Got Bingo banner so Rainbow Bingo, Happy Days Bingo as well as newbies Churchill Bingo and Bulldog Bingo will all be out of service.  A simple message greets account holders when they log into their Churchill Bingo account stating


Dear Loyal Bingo Player,

Unfortunately we must take the bingo games and lounges down for important maintenance work.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and we hope to be back soon.

Please stay tuned and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Big Bingo Hugs


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