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Tombola Bingo brighten a dismal week with free bingo game

  • 18 Oct 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Tombola BingoThere is nothing like a win playing online bingo to lift the spirits, and put a spring in your step, and if it’s playing a free bingo game all the better, this time I have Tombola to thank for my cheery mood.  After suffering a really upsetting week of dieting and then having my bank account scammed I was not feeling a very happy bunny, so decided to play a few games at Tombola Bingo to try and get my chin out of the gutter.  All online bingo fans will know that the chat rooms are an ideal place to get things of your chest and get a sympathetic ear to all your woe’s so I was just really going to play at Tombola more for medicinal purposes.

As is usual for me when ever I log on to Tombola I start by playing the free bingo game, Lucky Pick, and as it was Sunday I was on my final day to win.  I usually start playing any online bingo game with a very positive attitude and even though I was a little down in the dumps I put my positive head on for the Lucky Pick game.  I had only 2 to get on the £100 slot and 3 to get to win £5 in my final game, I thought to myself ‘well honey you have little chance of the £100 but the fiver is the most likely to come your way and at least that would fund some online bingo games’.  So I started making my choices in the Tombola free game with the £5 my goal.

I made my first selection and surprise surprise it was £100, ‘wow’, I thought to myself ‘maybe this £100 might just come your way’. I made my next Tombola Lucky Pick selection the excitement growing, it was a ‘X’, ‘uh-oh! That’s not what I wanted’ I grumbled under my breath, the next was £200 but I had 6 more of those to get so that was never going to happen, then I chose again this time ‘X’ again, the £100 was slipping from my sweaty palm. Two more choices and I had a feeling that my positive attitude once more was wasted, but hey you have to have a go, the next pick revealed a ‘X’,’ that’s it’ I thought this is all or nothing, so I closed my eyes tightly and wiggled the mouse in a circle and clicked ……………………… £100 WON! was the message that greeted me when I finally opened my eyes.  I have to say after my dismal week being a free bingo game winner at Tombola certainly helped  to bring a very big smile to my face, and of course it won’t make up for all the money that I have had taken this week, and I can’t make a withdrawal either, as my card has been cancelled, but hey it was certainly one of the best feelings of my life! Thanks Tombola!


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