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Tombola Bingo enables bride-to-be to plan dream wedding

  • 24 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Tombola winnerTombola Bingo have been responsible in allowing a young woman to plan for her dream wedding all thanks to a big £10,000 bingo win playing Cinco at the popular online bingo site.  The bride-to-be, Fiona Dow has had a non stop year of fun and excitement as not only has she just turned 40 with a fabulous surprise engagement as part of the birthday celebrations, but she has also appeared in the Tombola Bingo Emmerdale sponsorship bumper ads too! Tombola Bingo can claim a success all round as not only is Fiona overjoyed at managing to grab her five minutes of fame,  but Tombola Bingo have also turned all her dreams into a much more realistic prospect thanks to her big bingo win.

Certainly for Fiona 2009 will be remembered as a big year, her dreams started with a surprise engagement on a trip to Dunfermline to celebrate her 40th birthday with her then boyfriend Max.  Max seized the opportunity to surprise Fiona in front of her family and friends and ask her to be his wife, to which she gladly accepted.  Shortly afterwards came the big Cinco Tombola Bingo win, which will now allow the happy couple to have the wedding that they have always wanted. Bingo Hideout have reported on the ITV Emmerdale bumper ads many times but hadn’t really thought that they would provide such a delightful story.  For Fiona they will will prove to be a constant reminder of the happy year that she has had all thanks to the gang at the Tombola bingo site.

This delightful story is told in Fiona’s local paper The Yeovil Express, where she is quoted as saying in connection with the Tombola Bingo ads “I live each day to the full. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I jumped at the chance to have my five minutes of fame.”  Bingo Hideout would like to pass on our very best wishes to Fiona and Max and wish them well for their forthcoming nuptials.

As we head towards the end of 2009 we thought it would be nice to ask all our Bingo Hideout readers if they have had a great year or maybe not so great.  Please tell us your stories we would love to hear if you have had a run of events like Fiona, they can involve bingo or not we would just love to hear from you.


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