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Tombola discover new sub cultural language in Bingo chat rooms?

  • 28 Oct 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Tombola BingoThe gang at Tombola Bingo site know that learning a new language is never easy and learning online bingo chat lingo is just as tricky, which is why they have launched the ‘Binglish’ bingo lingo translator. Tombola are always keen to make life for their online bingo fans as easy as possible and they are as keen to make their chat rooms as inclusive and welcoming as possible, hence the new Tombola Binglish translator.  Some players are finding the chat rooms a little daunting because they don’t understand the new form of English that online bingo has developed, and although keen to have a go don’t want to feel like a fish out of water.

The Tombola Binglish translator will convert the often confusing bingo chat room with its strange mysterious acronyms into a more easily understood English phrase, so don’t be put off anymore if you don’t know your ROFL (Roll On Floor Laughing) from your WDW (Well Done Winner), Tombola has come to the rescue. Tombola have even consulted a language expert at Sunderland University regarding the intricacies of the new Binglish language.  The Senior Language and Culture Lecturer Angela Smith said of the language used in the online bingo chat rooms “These sorts of phrases and abbreviations offer the notion that people are in the same room rather than the reality of being separated by possibly hundreds of miles. The translator enables new-comers to join a community that already exists on-line much quicker than they would otherwise have been able to, and once there, have fun communicating in this very specific sort of language.  For users, I’m sure it could almost be as much fun to join the community and use this language as it is to play.”

Angela believes the merge of the traditional English language with the bingo lingo used in bingo chat rooms is a sub cultural development that gives the bingo community a sense of group identity.  Bingo Hideout however say ‘Tosh’, its just so bingo players don’t have to type the full word out!  Whatever make life easier for the bingo player is good by us, so the new Binglish translator is a brilliant idea, but let’s not dress this up too much with psychobabble. Bingo lingo or Binglish – if we give it Tombla’s new name – is just a convenient way of speaking quickly to your mates in the chat room.


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