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Tombola Players to Star in New Commercial

  • 03 Jun 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altIf you are an Emmerdale fan then you will be well aware that the fun and frolics of Tombola players are no longer showing in the ad breaks for this popular ITV Soap. Instead the Bingo Heads of Bet365 Bingo are now shown before and after the commercial breaks for Emmerdale. Tombola Bingo are not going to be replacing the Bingo Heads any time soon but we can tell you a new Tombola commercial is currently being filmed.

Just a couple of weeks ago the site were advertising for players to attend a couple of casting sessions in London/Birmingham as the brand worked towards finding the starts of their newest commercial and on the Facebook fan page a list of the successful players has already been posted. Casting took place on 26th May and from the feedback on Facebook, a great time was had by all. There is talk of belly dancing and alcohol consumption on the casting day but we doubt the latter will actually be shown in any commercials.

According to the Tombola fan page the story line of the new advert for the brand is not going to be too dissimilar to the commercials that recently stopped airing. This is a great idea although we’ve read many a comment since the original adverts aired where people actually thought that the Tombola commercial was for a dating site! Could it be that it will be more obvious in the new look advertising campaign that it is actually a bingo brand?

We’ll have to wait and see because as yet the advert has not been filmed so we are quite some way off seeing it on the small screen.

Tombola have been hit by a run of bad luck with their television advertising since they first chose to market their brand this way. The first ever commercial that featured a fairground theme with their infamous bingo balls was banned by the ASA on the grounds that it appealed to children or young people; this was in March 2009. Their second commercial featuring a man in a tuxedo and a gentleman on a ukulele was banned just over a year later because it was believed to present a negative racial stereotype.

The recent commercials from Tombola have not been free of trouble either; airing of the adverts ended when a participant in the commercial was arrested for reasons we would rather not divulge although we will say that Tombola were unaware of this at the time of filming the ads and the arrest took place months after the finished advert was shown on television. As soon as the information was brought to the attention of Tombola and ITV the commercials were pulled.

Let’s hope that the saying “Bad luck comes in threes” is true for Tombola Bingo.


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