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Tombola takes another new game for a spin

  • 28 Apr 09
  • Written by admin

Tombola Bingo

Wow, just when you thought Tombola Bingo couldn’t get any bigger or better, along comes Bingo Roulette and knocks your socks off! Tombola Bingo has never been in the tradition of doing what their mothers told them and ‘sticking to what they know best’, and we at the Hideout champion their site for that exact reason.

You spin me right round

It is the level of innovation imagination and engagement with their players that drives this site to keep changing and inventing new ways to play and as a result they have a firm following not only with their players but with us. This week we are pleased to bring you news that tombolabingo.co.uk has done it again and with the launch of Bingo Roulette challenged what online players can expect of the game.

Cheap as chips

This fab new game has been six months in development and aims to turn your perceptions of the game on its head, and with tickets as cheap as 10p there’s really no reason not to give it a whirl yourself.

Every time you play a game of this the very latest version of online bingo, you will be given eight chips. These are then placed at random on the roulette board, giving the traditional version more of a bingo edge. In order to win, you must have no chips left on the board after all the numbers are called and if you manage this within twelve spins of the wheel or less you’ll have hit the jackpot which could be as much as £1,000.

Don’t forget there’s also a weekly free game over at Tombola; the Freefall game is as with every game on this site masses of fun. Its also in keeping with the current tendency for the bigger sites to offer free bingo games, which shows that Tombola like to keep up with trends as well as set many of them!

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