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Top Ten Bingo game winner in dispute of £5k win

  • 13 Sep 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Top Ten BingoTop Ten Bingo have had a complaint made against them to the Gambling Commission after a dispute from a customer could not be resolved.  The complaint centres on a bingo player at one of the Top Ten Bingo halls in Billingham, who believed that she had won a bingo game jackpot prize of £5,000 but was paid out only £1,000 after Top Ten Bingo stated that an incorrect prize fund was indicated on a visual display board.  The winner of the bingo jackpot prize Lynsey Dickenson aged 19 even had her prize winning document signed for the £5,000 sum by one of the Top Ten Bingo staff at the time.

Over the moon with big prize

The news of this dispute has been published on the Sunday Sun website today, where the disgruntled winner is quoted as saying “I was over the moon when I won, really excited, I’d never won anything big before. The board definitely showed £5000 and I am convinced it was announced for the same amount although they deny it.”  Top Ten Bingo however in a recent communication sent to Lynsey agree that there was an error on the visual display board but still maintain that the correct bingo jackpot prize money was paid out to the bingo winner in the circumstances,  Paul Cudlip the regional Manager of Top Ten Bingo said in his letter  “The signing of the prize winner’s document for £5000 by the member of staff is a normal duty carried out by our bingo operatives who use the visual display board to acknowledge the details to be put on these documents and is only part of the overall process of validating claims.”

Member of Top Ten Bingo staff disciplined?

The Gambling Commission were contacted by Sunday Sun for a statement with regard to the bingo hall incident but stated that they were unable to ‘comment on individual cases’.  There are also allegations made in the article that Top Ten have disciplined the member of staff who validated the hapless bingo winner ’s prize ticket, though Top Ten Bingo have stated “With regard to the matter about a member of staff it is a matter that has been dealt with internally as decisions on a day-to-day basis need to be made by management.”  Lynsey will now have to wait for the decision on her bingo games win to be made by the Gambling Commission.

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