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Train for a qualification in offline and online bingo?

  • 17 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

EQ-Bingo ProjectSome people may be unaware but it is possible to gain an NVQ  level 2 in Gambling Operations (Bingo), but is there now going to be a more formal qualification in European Bingo? Well maybe not quite yet, but certainly things are stepping up a gear as far as Education for the European Bingo game sector is concerned.  Without doubt the detailed report for the Leonardo da Vinci project as reported on the Bingo Association website will present new challenges to the UK Bingo industry if the changes recommended by the EQ-Bingo project are adopted in the future.

The reasoning behind the EQ-Bingo project is to identify not only the differences but also the similarities between the bingo industry across Europe.  The hope is to create a qualification that can be adopted to improve the industry through education and knowledge as part of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP).  So is this more bureaucratic European mumbo-jumbo? Well probably in part yes, but there are 80,000 people employed in the bingo industry in Europe and this is set to grow as more and more changes are implemented in respect of bingo and gaming legislation in European Countries.

The EQ-Bingo report is aimed at developing a training system that will eventually provide the means for those employed in the bingo industry, through training and qualifications to be able to move about Europe.  The EQ-Bingo report was created after consultation with bingo industry officials and industry experts across Europe and highlights the cross-competences and key competences that affect the bingo industry in all the countries where bingo is played in Europe. The countries that have been analysed in the report are UK, Spain, Finland, Romania and Italy, each country has had an in-depth report prepared which analyses the bingo gaming sector, from population, job roles within the bingo industry, legislation rules and requirements, taxation, different licences and licensing authorities right up to the gross taxation yield from the industry as a whole.

Some of the reports certainly make interesting reading, and some nuggets of information can be gleaned from our own bingo industry such as the typical training structure for larger bingo operators like Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo although none of the rules regarding training are governed by law.  It is hoped that a European qualification would allow for a standard to be set for the bingo industry as a whole across borders – Bingo Hideout will keep you posted as to developments. Full details of the EQ-Bingo report can be found on The Bingo Association website.

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