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Trumpets should announce arrival of online bingo site, Bingon.com

  • 21 Oct 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingon.comLike a breath of fresh air the new Bingon.com online bingo site has been launched onto the UK market.  There have of course been a flood of new bingo sites launched this year and standing out from what has to be said can often be a mediocre crowd can be quite difficult, some have managed admirably – the likes of Costa Bingo for instance – however the rest of the new online bingo sites can often seem quite samey.  But in a puff of exciting uniqueness the Bingon.com site just seems to have pulled off something that the others haven’t quite managed.

Most online bingo players have a favourite site, one that always lures them back to play their online bingo games week after week.  My own particular preference is Tombola but that could of course be down to my own successes of winning on that site, but it is also because Tombola offers that little bit of excitement that some of the others lack.  Well Tombola might just have a bit of competition for my affections now that Bingon.com is around.  I hadn’t heard of the launch of the site until a colleague mentioned it in passing, in fact the launch of Bingon.com has all been a little low key – but then maybe the operator is hoping that the word of mouth approach is the best tact to take.  Bingon.com does however deserves to have a little more fuss made about its UK bingo birth and so here I am making it!

Bingon.com doesn’t – strangely enough – come across as ‘just’ an online bingo site, in fact the online bingo once the user has signed in almost takes a rear seat, as it is the social networking side of the site that is the most dominant aspect – and maybe that is why I like it, because it is facebook user friendly, giving it that ‘I am not really trying’ appeal. I can’t stand pushy sales people in shops npr do I like in your face bingo sites, and this site does not pounce on you as soon as you visit it. Bingon.com offers a titillating aspect, generating a need, NO a desire to dig in and explore the bingo games that are contained within. The NYX Interactive gaming software is interesting to use and certainly does not offer the ‘same old same old’ bingo games that a lot of sites feature at the moment.  It’s new, it’s different but whether it stands the test of time remains to be seen, and as the site appears to be a Beta test it may have teething problems.  Although Bingon.com has been around in Spain and Sweden for a little while now, its arrival on to the UK market this month has certainly made one online bingo players day, maybe you will like it too. Online bingo is however a bit like food, one man’s (or woman’s) meat is another man’s (or woman’s) gravy!

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