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TV Sponsorship for Bingo Brands

  • 08 Jun 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altTV sponsorship seems to be the order of the day at the moment and a number of well-known brands from the world of online bingo seem to have the market cornered. XBingo sponsors The Chase, Bet365 Bingo landed Emmerdale and Cheeky Bingo sponsors the Jeremy Kyle show, to name but a few.

When a brand sponsors a show it generally means that at the beginning and end of the commercial break you will see a short “bumper” promoting a bingo site. These are usually about ten seconds long, some twenty seconds shorter than a standard commercial, which means it’s quite difficult to get the message across about the product you are advertising.

Of the three brands we have mentioned with current sponsorship deals its hard to say which stands out the most, and therefore which one is most likely to get a viewer to remember the brand when they next login to their PC or laptop.

The Cheeky Bingo bumpers for Jeremy Kyle make plenty of references to being “cheeky” and the stars of the adverts definitely have a cheeky look about them when asked things like “Does your diet really have a chocolate day?” or “Did you really not know he was married?

When it comes to the Bet365 Bingo bumpers if you’re an avid player then the chances are you’ll recognise that these are promoting this brand because of the Bingo Heads that feature in them. However if you were a complete novice what would you make of them because a bingo ball head doesn’t really sell anything does it? The bumpers mention Bet365 Bingo but it’s the visuals that make you recall a brand – you only have to look at the Compare the Market adverts to know that this is true. You see a meerkat and you automatically think of the brand.

The sponsorship of The Chase, a game show hosted by Bradley Walsh, by XBingo leaves little or no lasting impression of the brand.

Of course all of the brands would like to emulate the success of Foxy Bingo who have managed to get to a point where they don’t really even need to incorporate their logo or brand name on a commercial for viewers to know exactly what brand the advert is about. However, for many who have gone down the sponsorship route, this is not the case as yet; but of course, Foxy have been building their brand awareness for many moons. For the others, persistence may pay off.


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