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UK Gambling participation on the way up?

  • 07 Mar 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altA 12 survey conducted by ICM Research, a market research company has found out that the number of British adults frequently indulging in at least one form of gambling activity has reached a record high. According to the study, 57.3% of the adults surveyed had taken part in at least one type of gambling activity in the last four weeks.

The study, assigned by the Gambling Commission saw a 3.2% increase on last year and is also 2.1% higher than the figures collated in 2009.

The poll looked in depth at the different gambling activities and their popularity. Below shows the order in which gambling activities ranked:

  • National Lottery – 47.5%
  • National Lottery Scratch cards – 12.7%
  • Society/Charity Lotteries – 9.6%
  • Horseracing Bets – 4.5%
  • Fruit/Slot Machines – 3.5%
  • Bingo (Online/Traditional) – 3.1%

It’s not surprising that the National Lottery takes up the bulk of the poll, with their tickets readily available in most shops and easily online. In fact, the Gambling Commission also found that participation in remote gambling activities in the last year also rose to 12.4% mainly due to a growth in online gambling via the National Lottery website. This shows a 5.2% increase on the figure from 2006 and shows how relevant online gaming and remote participation is to modern gambling. The report also shows that computers or handheld devices were still the most popular way of accessing remote gambling; 11% with mobile phones, in second place at 2.9% with interactive and digital TV bringing up the rear with 1.3%. The figures collected on remote gambling showed a lower age group than that of the average gambler with those involved in remote gambling generally being aged between 18 and 44.

Statistics also show that participants regularly gambling are still more likely to be male than female and were also more likely to be aged over 45. This is interesting as the bulk of customers involved in both bingo hall activities as well as online bingo are female;with big names like Gala and Mecca Bingo providing both online and bricks and mortar games. However, as the percentage of the gambling market taken up by bingo players is relatively small compared to whole figure, this explains why females still show as a relatively small figure compared to males overall.

The Gambling Commission collates these statistics every year to show how the trends in the industry are changing and consistently National Lottery players top the charts as this is the most commonplace form of gambling, that even those who play no other form of games, are involved in and enjoy. It’ll be interesting to see how the statistics shape up over the coming year with the resurgence in bingo hall players and more online bingo sites being launched every day.


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