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UK is number one for online bingo

  • 06 Jul 08
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UK No.1 for online bingo

Just in the last week it has come to light that the UK online bingo market is the most intensively developed in the world with only 17 sites in 2004 growing to 243 in 2008. Industry expert Joe Saussure-Smith, who has worked in the online gaming industry for more than a decade, has observed this and as a result the UK's online bingo industry has been earmarked as the major growth area within online gaming at the moment.

Second to the UK, Spain is the next big growth area for the online bingo sector, with 40 Spanish halls emerging in the last year from only 6 at the beginning of the year. This huge response to online bingo is causing many operators to want to become involved with launching Spanish-speaking sites. In the very near future, this is going to be made easier with the launch of Parlay 5, the latest in international translation bingo software. These two growing markets could in the foreseeable future be linked directly and expanded simultaneously.

The UK online bingo industry stands behind only the US and Japan as having the most sites per player, and with the introduction of TV bingo formats to late night television and satellite channels, the popularity of bingo in this country is only set to grow.

Why do we as a nation lap up the online game so much?

all know and appreciate how much fun playing online is and the many
benefits we get from a quick dip into our favourite sites, but it seems
our passion for online bingo far outstretches any other country in terms of expansion and development.

Bingo Hideout believes that part of the reason for bingo's immense popularity is our nation’s history with
the game. Most of us have heard tell of how much fun the old bingo
halls were during the war and how playing weekly became a national
pastime during that dire part of our history. Somehow this enthusiasm for
the game seems to have passed down the generations, and since the game
of bingo is available 24/7 and now in increasing formats we can express
our collective love of the game as never before.

Who loves bingo best?

Generally speaking the industry cites its target audience for Internet bingo as women aged between 25-50 and so the advertising and design behind most sites reflects this demographic. It is the innovative aspect of live chat that seems to appeal most to players of online bingo, as it does away with the old ideas of talking during games being seen as a bad thing. Playing online bingo offers the chance for women who – for example – have small children to still socialise with their peer group without having to leave the house.

We believe it is a combination of all these elements, with a dash of excitement at big wins and the opportunity to make new friendships that make online bingo a favorite with all our members and an increasing number of players. Long may the games continue!

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