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Ukash: security every time

  • 10 Apr 08
  • Written by

Ukash for secure online bingo

For a safe way to pay for all online transactions including
playing on gaming sites such as internet bingo, choosing to pre pay with
cash is every bit as flexible as having cash in your hand and saves you
sharing your account details with any site. Using the Ukash service means
you won't have to wait for a card, you simply use the unique 19-digit
code prescribed to you as a means of accessing your money.

Since it is highly unlikely that anyone would be able to second-guess a
19- digit code, and that the service is anonymous, your cash remains safe
online and elsewhere.

How does it work?

As handy as paying for the electric, simply visit any shop which has
the Pay Point symbol on the door and ask for your cash to be converted to
Ukash. Your money is converted into Ukash vouchers which you can spend as
you would money on many different types of websites including Internet
bingo gaming sites, and for topping up your mobile. One of the benefits
of Ukash is you can even get change if you don't spend your cash
equivalent so you still get the most from your money no matter if you
change your mind or not.

Using the Ukash system is a fantastic way for players of online
gaming sites to limit their spending. We all understand that some
players are more likely to spend more than their monthly limit given
the chance, but with Ukash, and other cash pre pay systems like Paysafe,
your money is set and so then are you to enjoy all the benefits of
playing without becoming involved in the dangerous world of spending
too much.

All you need

If you wish to use your Ukash at certain 18+ websites, you'll be
asked to prove your age at the Pay Point store beforehand. This is another
security feature the company have added so that only adults are playing
sites such as the online bingo and poker games we all enjoy so much. This
is the only proof of identity anyone needs to convert their cash to Ukash,
so if you're clearly over 18 there's nothing to do except remember
to pick up the voucher!

Visit the site

There a wide range of sites accepting this method of payment currently
and this list is ever expanding. Visit the main website to see where you
can spend your cash today and as a regular customer check back for regular

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