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Unlucky For Some according to The Sun

  • 16 Jun 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altEvery now and then a land based bingo hall will make the news, granted it’s usually a local rag reporting on a recent big win but this time Gala Bingo have made the national press, albeit a newspaper not known for being topical! According to this tabloid an incident at the Gala Bingo hall in Milton Keynes saw a disabled man removed from the hall by armed police.

Kevin Thomas, a 47-year-old disabled man, was ‘marched’ from the building by armed police following an incident relating to the food being served. It would appear that there is more to the story than the headline would have you believe because whilst armed police were in attendance this was simply because they were the nearest unit available rather than because Mr Thomas was threatening violence or waving a gun.

Gala Bingo issued a statement referring to the incident as not being a ‘one off’ and suggests that Mr Thomas’s behaviour towards staff had been unacceptable for a ‘prolonged period of time’.

Mr Thomas states that he has never abused staff and simply feels that managers of the hall in question had received a ‘telling off’ about the quality of the food served.

It’s a shame to see this sort of publicity for a land based bingo hall when this arm of the industry is already suffering – we would rather be reading the good luck stories about big winners. Let’s hope Mr Thomas and the Gala Bingo hall can put their differences aside so that he can go back to enjoying spending time with his friends!

Of course if the differences cannot be resolved then maybe Mr Thomas should indulge in the online variety of the game – that way the food is always going to be to his taste and there is no risk of being asked to leave by the police.



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