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Vicious thugs rob bingo hall in Northern Ireland

  • 19 May 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Cascade Bingo HallThere has to be an element of pitiful pathetic desperation for robbers to target a bingo hall, after all as we all know not only is a bingo hall likely to be almost full of female bingo players armed with nothing more sinister than a smile and a bingo dabber but also a high proportion of those bingo players present are most probably women in the autumn of their years.  It is therefore sad that a recent BBC report claims that three (in our opinion rather cowardly) individuals in Northern Ireland chose to rob the Cascade Bingo Hall located on Old Portadown Street in Lurgan, Northern Ireland.

The robbery at the Cascade bingo hall took place at approximately 8.30pm on Thursday 14th May, when the three individuals armed with knives and hammers set about stealing cash and four ladies handbags from the terrified Cascade Bingo hall staff and bingo players.  The three thieves are described as follows; one individual is a “heavily built” man wearing dark gloves, one person wore a balaclava and the third was dressed in dark clothing. The three escaped in a dark car which is believed to be a saloon and was last seen travelling in the Riverglade or Gilpinstown area.

Unfortunately this contemptible crime does not appear to be an isolated incident, as almost one year ago to the day a similar bingo hall robbery took place.  This time the perpetrators targeted a bingo hall in Armagh, staff were terrorised into parting with a large sum of cash by the three robbers armed with a hammer or a handgun.

These incidents however are very rare and bingo players should not be alarmed, the friendly staff and players at bingo halls around the country are still safe.  Players should therefore feel free to enjoy their regular game of bingo without feeling their life is in jeopardy from loathsome creatures as reported above.  In fact you have more chance of winning a bingo jackpot than coming into contact with these despicable individuals, however if you are at all concerned about your safety then playing at any of the online bingo sites featured in our directory could not be safer.

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