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Virgin Bingo launches new ad campaign

  • 02 Feb 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altVirgin Bingo has a brand new advertising campaign planned for the first quarter of 2012 and with all the money invested into it; it’s bound to be good. Virgin Games is one of the leading UK gaming companies and a brand new television advertising campaign is just what Virgin Bingo needs to launch it into the New Year.

The new Virgin Bingo advert is just one element of the £500,000 marketing campaign for the first three months of 2012 and it takes Virgin Bingo in a brand new direction. The campaign is focused on women aged 25 to 54, who make up the core customer base for online bingo and the advert is scheduled to appear during the day time on Channel 5 and both Sky and ITV digital channels. Like many other online bingo companies, Virgin Bingo has recognised the prime slots for advertising exist around day time television programmes.

The Virgin Bingo advert has moved on from their cartoonish adverts of old and stepped towards a new idea, featuring an imaginary Virgin Bingo factory. A woman is taken on what seems to be a backstage tour of the factory where Virgin Bingo is made and is met by smartly dressed Virgin Bingo staff in smart red suits polishing bingo balls. She’s also lucky enough to meet topless Ricardo who reveals the current Virgin Bingo sign up bonus. She is then led on through the Virgin Bingo prize room, where some of the top offers are highlighted. Virgin Bingo CEO, Simon Burridge likens the advert to ‘Willy Wonka for adults’ and at Bingo Hideout we certainly see the resemblance.

Burridge goes on to explain how TV advertising has seriously improved customer acquisition rates at Virgin Bingo since their first advertisement in 2010. He also believes that TV advertising is a perfect partner for bingo and they naturally fit together. The Virgin brand is popular across all its fields and therefore it already has some integrity behind it, an essential quality online bingo players are said to look for in a company. TV adverts serve to reinforce this integrity and trust in the brand as a bingo company and further heightens brand awareness.

Virgin Bingo is aiming to attack 2012 from a new angle, offering a new Willy Wonka style branding and offering a new range of Virgin Group prizes, further connecting the online bingo site with the rest of the Virgin brand.


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