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Virtue Fusion, still on course for world online bingo domination

  • 18 Jun 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Virtue FusionVirtue Fusion the developer and provider of online gaming and bingo software seems to be taking over the online bingo world, they state proudly on their corporate website that they are the ‘World’s Biggest online bingo provider’ which clearly is something to be proud of and from their prolific activities this year it seems likely that their success is set to continue.  They are lucky enough to have scored some of the biggest names around in online bingo, Gala Bingo, Mecca Bingo, Ladbrokes Bingo to name but a few and still the list keeps growing.

There is a report currently on the EGaming Review site that states that even Betfred Bingo have jumped camps from Playtech and are now going to be powered by Virtue Fusion, stating better liquidity as the reasons behind the move.  There is no official press release to support this article however Bob McCullough the CEO of Virtue Fusion recently gave a very in-depth interview with EGaming Review regarding the phenomenal growth in the online bingo market and so it is very likely this revelation did come from the horses mouth.

Online bingo player numbers explode

In the article Mr McCullough states that the online bingo market has grown substantially over recent years and in 2004 the online bingo annual winnings would be around the £50m whereas in 2008 this had risen substantially to £500m. Although from a corporate perspective joining a huge gaming provider like Virtue Fusion must be very attractive, the benefits speak for themselves such as having a top end user friendly software package, the obvious advantages of being part of a huge gaming network and of course having the relationship with an organisation that is experienced in bridging the gap into emerging markets.  The online bingo player may however feel sometimes that all theses slick sites have a certain sameness about them that they have lost a little of their own identity and have lost that awareness of each individual player being just that… an individual.

What goes boom can go bust!

Virtue Fusion does provide great software and of course we are not for one minute saying that their vast experience of online bingo both here and abroad is not valuable and should not be tapped into but it does seem a shame that in fact by ‘virtue’ of their very success there could very possibly be a loser.  We do hope that it does not end up being the loyal online bingo player; choice is a very valuable commodity and should not be ignored, after all if boredom sets in where will the online bingo players go next?

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