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Vital role of bingo chat revealed by Bingo Hideout Survey

  • 17 Aug 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo Hideout SurveyThe new Bingo Hideout survey has revealed that online bingo sites such as Foxy Bingo and Wink Bingo play a valuable role in the lives of people who are housebound, suffered serious illness or have family commitments that mean that they cannot go out and socialise as much as they would like.  The Bingo Hideout asked some pretty probing questions and one of those asked was in relation to chat room at the online bingo sites.  A massive 68.7% of those questioned said that they actively participated in chat rooms with the remainder saying that they didn’t, and of those that did join in chat the majority saw participation in the chat room as vital to their online bingo enjoyment.

Housebound and disabled helped by chat rooms

The survey gave the participants the opportunity to make comments about their chat experiences and it revealed how critical the chat room can be to the lonely, sick or disabled. Many of those questioned stated that chat room eased the boredom of lonely evenings when small children were in bed or in some cases a lifeline to the outside world for those with serious or restricting health conditions.  One participant in the Bingo Hideout survey who was profoundly deaf stated that they could chat freely, and that everyone understood every word that they said in the chat room.  This was in complete contrast with their experience of going out socialising in the ‘real world’ where communication was a real problem. There were some people in the survey who were bereaved and sought much needed companionship in the chat room, easing the sudden loneliness experienced when a partner dies.

Bingo Chat vital to some players

The other online bingo players in the chat rooms were often attributed with providing solutions to emotional problems or of being a listening ear to troubles.  It proves that although the online bingo games are without doubt the main reason for online bingo players visiting sites such as Foxy Bingo or Wink Bingo, that the service provided by chat rooms is vitally important also.  Bingo players whether in a hall or playing online are a very sociable helpful bunch of people – the survey shows that anyone actively participating in chat rooms at online bingo sites should be very proud of themselves for making a difference to fellow bingo players lives and in some sad circumstances giving them a reason for living. The full details of the Bingo Hideout Survey can be seen by following the link.

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