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We have the key to reverse Gala Bingo’s fortunes – Chickens!

  • 03 Jul 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gala BingoGala Bingo as well as other bingo halls around the country has been suffering from a downturn in trade.  Various contributory factors have been blamed for the reversal of fortunes of the humble bingo hall including online bingo, smoking ban and of course more recently the extremely unpopular hike in taxation from 15% to 22%. Gala Coral Group who own Gala Bingo have just announced a further 45 job losses this time at their head office, this is a cost cutting measure as the Gala Bingo head office struggle to make the payments on their reported £2.5 billion in debt.

You can teach an old bird new bingo tricks?

Clearly cost cutting and spending less on unnecessary corporate expenses will help any company to operate more effectively in lean times but maybe the Gala group and other bingo and gaming comapnies need to look at maybe other more diverse ways to start changing their financial fortunes.  One idea that caught our eye is a little off the wall but we think it might work! It is a new slant on the standard bingo game and is currently being played in a bar in Texas and is causing quite a stir, in fact so popular is the new bingo game that some days the bar crowd spills out into the car park due to the numbers who are wanting to take part.  The bingo game takes place at Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon and involves chickens, bird seed, a chicken coop and a bingo grid marked on the floor of the chicken coup with numbers.  Bingo players purchase one of the numbers for $2 then the chicken is released into the chicken coup and left to eat the bird seed, as nature takes its course the bird will eventually feel the urge to ……. Well we will leave you to work the rest out for yourself!  The winner of the bingo game is the one who had the bingo number where the chicken has made their deposit and they will usually win a bingo jackpot of around $150, which is not bad for watching a chicken take a poo! The latest exciting take on the traditional bingo game in Texas is called Chicken Sh*t Bingo, and we just think it is a marketing mans dreams come true.

Clearly this is all rather tongue in cheek but  has a serious message sometimes to get a little excitement you don’t need anything more than a few basics, a little imagination and a large injection of fun, the crowds will undoubtedly follow. People like to laugh and have fun, they want their mind taken off the days dreary news or the problems at home, online bingo sites can give a burst of much needed excitement after a long week but the joy of gathering with a group of friends at the bingo hall can be especially uplifting, the players just need to be lured back in somehow.  The perfect marketing tool is the online bingo website, then promotions which can be participated in online and can then be carried over into the bingo hall the two complimenting each other – just a thought!

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