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Were Gala Bingo players Julie and David winners on 27th Feb?

  • 28 Feb 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gala BingoWere Gala Bingo players Julie and David winners on 27th Feb?  The reason we wonder is because recent data results released by Gala Bingo show that February 27th is the luckiest day of the year with more prize money given away at Gala Bingo on this day than any other, and that Julie and David are the names of those likely to be the winners.  According to the popular online bingo site the luckiest players were Julie (no.1 Gala Bingo lucky names list) and Susan (no.2 Gala Bingo lucky names list) for the girls and David (no.6 Gala Bingo lucky names list) and Paul (no.10 Gala Bingo lucky names list) for the boys.

According to Gala today, 28th Feb is a luck day too!

Gala Bingo also polled online bingo players to find out if they would consider changing their name if it was felt that their luck would be improved substantially by making such a change – surprisingly 1 in 3 bingo players agreed that they would in fact change their name. Don’t worry if you didn’t get to take advantage of your lucky day yesterday and that you have missed the opportunity to be lucky.  Because the Gala Bingo poll which revealed that 27th February is no.1 in the poll of most lucky days in the year also showed that today (28th February) is number five on the list of luckiest days of the year. For the next luckiest days players will have to wait until May 1st (no.4 on luckiest days list) and May 2nd (no.2 on luckiest days list) or June 30th (no.3 on luckiest days list).

Laura’s not very lucky?

It’s worth marking your calendar to make sure that you play your bingo games at Gala Bingo on these days and maybe even buy a lottery ticket just to be doubly sure that you take full advantage of your lucky day. For players wanting to know if their name is also lucky, the Gala Bingo lucky names list shows that Sharon reached no.3, Janet no.4, Margaret no.5, Patricia no.7, Christine no.8 and Linda no.9 of the Gala Bingo lucky names list. Sadly Laura doesn’t even get a look in – won’t give up my day job just yet!


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