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What a Mecca Bingo success for £1m online bingo winner

  • 02 Jul 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoMost of us who play online bingo do so for a little bit of much needed fun and also for the enjoyment of the social side of playing at online bingo sites such as Mecca Bingo.  Rarely do we even think for one minute that we will end up substantially richer by playing at our favourite online bingo site and the thought of winning a £1m prize does not even warrant more than a cursory ‘What if?’.  But for one lucky couple in West Cumbria the ‘What if’ will now turn to a ‘what on’ question while they contemplate how to spend their £1 million pound win courtesy of Mecca Bingo.

It’s party time in Maryport for online bingo winners

The online bingo players in question are Barry and Lynsey Mirehouse of King Street, Maryport.  The young couple who are in their early thirties are now the proud owners of one hell of a healthy bank balance and all from playing online bingo at Mecca Bingo.  Mrs Mirehouse gave a short but sweet interview to the Times & Star local paper about their lucky online bingo win with Mecca Bingo, but was keen not to go into too much detail.  The life changing sum was clearly a bit of a shock and although the couple had a small gathering to celebrate their online bingo win yesterday they have done little else in the way of making plans on where the money should go. Mrs Mirehouse had only found out about her luckyonline bingo win on Tuesday when she logged into her Mecca Bingo account, so it is only understandable that the news hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

Young and in love and now £1m richer!

The attractive couple – who are still in the first flush of marriage having only recently wed in Barbados in 2006 – are clearly overjoyed at the mega online bingo win, but maybe a little unrealistically are hoping that they can keep news of the Mecca Bingo win to themselves.  So we are sorry Barry and Lynsey, for breaking the news to all the Bingo Hideout fans but we can’t resist passing on all the big bingo winner news!


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