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What a Mecca mess – pensioner banned from all Mecca Bingo clubs

  • 28 May 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoA rather surprising article has appeared in the Mail which alleges an elderly pensioner named as Mrs Rosalyn Clemson has been banned from all 102 Mecca Bingo halls that are operated in the UK.  The astonishing decision by Mecca Bingo to ban the elderly bingo player is in response to the lady’s decision to try to organise a trip for some of her friends to another rival bingo hall 15 miles away from her local Mecca bingo hall in Chester which apparently is in breach of Mecca Bingo hall rules.

Mrs Clemson ages 76, had no idea that she was breaching any Mecca Bingo rules when she attempted to plan a visit to the neighbouring club in Runcorn so that the group of bingo players could enjoy a change of scenery. Mrs Clemson has been visiting the same bingo hall for over 50 years and is devastated that the club she has enjoyed going to, which is located only over the road from where she lives, will no longer allow her to cross the threshold.

The report in the Mail states that the frail pensioner has to use an electric scooter to travel due to a recent hip operation, and is on daily medication for a heart condition can now no longer play the game she loves locally.  Mrs Clemson is reportedly so angry at her treatment by Mecca Bingo bosses that she now wishes to move away from the area, she is also reported to be on medication for depression again allegedly brought on by the stress of the Mecca Bingo hall ban.  Mrs Clemson also has contemplated suicide because she ‘had gone to rock bottom’.

Mecca Bingo have a slightly different version of events, they allege that Mrs Clemson was ‘aggressive’ and that her behaviour was considered ‘unacceptable’ when she was asked to leave the club.  Mecca Bingo also state that Mrs Clemson had made approaches to other bingo players at the Mecca Bingo hall proposing trips to other clubs which is in breach of the Mecca Bingo Hall membership rules.  The Mail published a statement from a Mecca Bingo spokesperson which said that it is not company policy to comment on individual cases and added: “We can confirm that Mrs Clemson and her husband are not welcome in Mecca clubs and we have written to them to explain the reasons for this. I must stress that we do not take the decision to bar people lightly.”


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