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What can you do for bingo?

  • 05 Jun 09
  • Written by admin

Castle Bingo

Welcome fellow bingo fans to the latest updates on the I’m Backing Bingo campaign. This week we at the Hideout have received notification from Buckingham Bingo CEO that he has joined this far reaching campaign, meaning that most of the biggest names in UK bingo are now on board. From humble beginnings on the Mecca Bingo site, this push to get the huge 22pc taxation cost taken off our favourite game now has The Bingo Association, Gala Bingo, Castle Bingo, Buckingham Bingo, the Rank Group and Carlton Bingo behind it. With growing support on Facebook in tow, this campaign is set to be the strongest joint effort on the part of bingo operators and players to work towards a common goal that we’ve ever seen.

What can you do?

This campaign asks players to sign up to the Facebook group and for supporters to write to their MP’s to express your thoughts on the issue. There is a template on the main page of the backbingo site and all you have to do to make your point is add your details to the template letter and post it off. You can of course write your own letter to express your opinions if your dander is truly up, but either way it’s very important to include your home address so they can send a reply. For every reply an MP has to send, more consideration will go into the issue as to why of all the gaming industries ours is the only one which has been penalised in this way.

Get in on the action

Further to the growing awareness of this contentious issue that this brilliant campaign has so far generated, this week saw a discussion of the taxation issue on the BBC’s Politics Show this week between the hugely supportive Edward Timpson MP and Ian Burke, CEO of Mecca Bingo. Giving the revolt against double taxation both weight and air time goes some way to proving what an effective campaign like I’m Backing Bingo can achieve, so why not get on board and tell all your roomie mates so you can be part of the drive to make change for all of us who love the game and want to keep it alive?

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