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What Do Social Networking Sites Make of Kitty Bingo?

  • 17 Nov 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altSince Kitty Bingo launched back in late September 2012, we’ve been pretty impressed with their great selection of feline-themed promotions, games, prizes and generous bonuses. Although we don’t know how many players have signed up over the last couple of months, the rooms do seem to be fairly busy. According to the brand’s Facebook fan page, they’ve got 808 likes, compared to similar sites such as Sing Bingo, who’ve got almost 2,000 likes – pretty impressive considering how long (or not) they’ve been open for business. Although they have a Twitter account (@KittyBingo2012), they haven’t used it to tweet yet, and only have 9 followers. Their Facebook page, however, is certainly more active, but people have been talking about them on Twitter nonetheless, using the #kittybingo hash tag. It’s left us curious to know exactly how the site’s being perceived by players, particularly now that they’ve taken to advertising on TV.

The TV ad is indeed one of the hottest topics being discussed with the #kittybingo hash tag, and opinion seems to be split over whether it’s good or bad. Two tweeters commented that “the kitty on the new #kittybingo advert is adorable,” and “I want to play some kittybingo,” whilst others didn’t hold back in saying things like “I swear the names for bingo websites are getting more and more strange,” and “what the hell is with adverts tonight??? No wonder I don’t watch much TV!”

Over on their Facebook page, people seem generally positive about the brand, although it obviously only makes sense to ‘like’ a company that you are genuinely interested in. The Kitty team are making an effort to post several times a day, to keep their fans appraised of the latest promotions, as well as offer them the opportunity to win prizes exclusively via the social networking site. However, it seems that you can’t please everyone, because it seems that several fans who clicked the ‘like’ button, having been promised 1,000 loyalty points for doing so, didn’t actually receive them. Plus, a couple of negative comments stand out in particular: “the site is ok, not too bad, not too sure if going to play again,” and the worst one: “Blantantly ripped my mate off by £250! Avoid this site at ALL costs because if you win, you won’t be getting your winnings…..!” Another player claims she was banned from using the site’s chat facility for using one of the less offensive swear words.”

It seems that Kitty Bingo still need more time to prove themselves, and continue to build their reputation as a viable competitor to the likes of Gala and Costa. We think they’ll get there, so it’ll be interesting to see how they’ve come along in another six months time.

If you’ve got an opinion about the site (good or bad) we’d love to hear from you!

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