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Where to go for your favourite games this Summer

  • 11 Aug 09
  • Written by

Gala Bingo

With so many versions of bingo online now available and in both freebie and pay to play versions, this week we’ve been asking ourselves which is the most popular game format?

Do you for example like to play online bingo best as a challenge to be the first to one line, or do you prefer chasing a pattern, a speedy version of the game, or are chat games more your thing? The overall consensus here at the Hideout seems to be that we love a side game challenge while in session. Forcing ourselves to multi-task while looking for that elusive Full House gives us the chance to double our money and makes us pay attention more to what’s going on in both games. This works best when you turn the auto daub function off, but don’t try it if you’re tired as you may miss out on a big win!

Where it’s at

With this in mind, we’ve put together a quick guide to where the best games are at this Summer, so you can find whatever you’re after faster. So, if for example you’re a fan of the one liner, and you love the thrill of the chase, try Gala Bingo at the moment where you can get paid for a 1tg as well as for lines before a full house. We all love the suspense of a good bingo game after all, and what could be better than being rewarded for a 1tg or a 2tg rather than feeling a little left out?

I see a pattern here..

If pattern bingo is more your thing, it’s true to say there are so many sites which offer 75-ball bingo now the American style has caught on big style since the launch of online bingo in the UK, so how to know where to play? Sites such as the new Foxy Zero site have specials on regularly for this style of game so that if you bingo on a Z, E, R or an O in a 75-ball game you’ll win 1,000 loyalty points, so watch to see you’re being rewarded well for a win.

Stuck for time to play in? Try 30-ball bingo!

If you feel the need for speed when you play bingo, you should check out Harry’s Bingo where you can play the uber-fast 30-ball game. Not for everyone this game, but it’s fab when you’ve only got a five minute break and you fancy a punt!

Rabbit, rabbit, bunny, bunny, bunny

Last up is one of the features that makes online bingo what it is; the chat games. As we have said many times, our favourite game wouldn’t be the same without live chat, and bingo sessions would be changed forever if the chat games suddenly disappeared. If you love the tension in the chat while a bonus game is in play, check out sites like Ruby Bingo. With so many choices of games here, it’s impossible to miss your chance to thank the CM in front of the room unless you’re not paying attention!


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