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Which is the best gaming experience 75 or 90-ball bingo?

  • 21 Jan 08
  • Written by admin

As seasoned players of both bingo hall games and online bingo will be more than aware, there are two main variations on the bingo game, and it seems as if the divide as to which is the better game depends on which side of the Atlantic you live on. We have gathered here an overview of the differences so that newcomers can figure out
which game suits them best and so that even experienced players can look at how the game differs.

90-ball bingo is probably the most popular version of the game whether online or in a bingo hall, and certainly in Britain. 90-ball bingo offers longer games, making it easier for newer players to get to grips with and with three chances to win in each game, 90-ball bingo becomes increasingly exciting as the game progresses, especially when you’re playing for a PJP!

With most of the recommended sites on Bingohideout’s top 10 are playing 90-ball games including Sun Bingo, Dreambingo and Bingo Liner, it is tempting to suggest that 90-ball is not only the most popular but perhaps the best version of the game. However with other bingo giants such as Betfred and Foxy both backing the 75-ball game as well, you’ll have to play to decide for yourself – you can use a free online bingo deal to test them out. Here are the basic differences if you’ve only ever played one or the other; let the games begin!

75 balls

Extremely popular in the USA, the 75-ball bingo game is a shorter version of our traditional 90-ball game, with five columns of 15 numbers, where each column represents the five letters in BINGO. As with 90-ball bingo the object is to match the numbers on your card to the pattern of the game that is being called, and patterns in a 75-ball game can vary from anything as simple as four corners to a ‘blackout’ game.

Players win 75-ball bingo by either being the first to match the current pattern in the game or by calling bingo within the balls to bingo number.


In 90-ball bingo there are 3 chances to win in every game and, depending on how many lines you complete, you are in for an increasingly larger prize. The benefit of playing the 90-ball game is that you can choose how many of the cards to buy for any game, and each card is complete in itself. This means you can invest in a book of cards in any mega jackpot game and buy just one card for smaller games if you so wish. This is the type that is usually pushed at the sites with free bingo no deposit as it’s the most popular.

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