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Why are bingo wings being used as an insult to women?

  • 17 Sep 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Lizzi MillerThe term ‘bingo wings’ is used to describe the excess loose skin on a woman’s upper arm, this is a natural part of the ageing process and really, unless you go through some major cosmetic surgery is unfortunately something that can’t really be avoided.  The definition of the saying  bingo wings came about from bingo players in the traditional bingo hall lifting their arms and waving to call ‘bingo!’ or ‘House!’ on a jackpot bingo win.  The ladies who frequented the bingo halls were often rather mature ladies and so would have the loose bingo wings skin described.

However the use of the term bingo wings is now being used constantly in modern language and more worryingly as an insult or as a description of ladies who are a little on the meatier side.  A recent article featured on the Times online site described how plus sized model Lizzi Miller (actually she is just a healthy size 12 and a fitness freak!) has caused a huge amount of reaction from modelling in the almost ‘altogether ‘ for a magazine called US Glamour.  The Times article appears on the surface to be in support of the larger lady then goes on to add the following comment at the end of the article ‘Watch the bingo wings, though. There’s sexy fat and there’s flab, and wings are never coming back’.

Feeling a bit holier than thou we  searched our archives to make sure that we haven’t used the term in a detrimental way and shock horror we must admit we are as guilty of it as the rest of the media.  Though we would never dream of insulting all the bingo ladies or gentlemen out there we do feel that the association of a bit of natural loose skin which is a natural part of ageing should not be used as another word for fat.  The word fat in itself is being used to describe healthy normal sized women, as the press seems completely obsessed with the notion that a woman should be nothing more than skin, bones and big lips.

It has to be said though that the whole world is currently obsessed with womens weight and terms like ‘bingo wings’ only go on to perpetuate this attack on the natural feminine form.  After all, ladies are meant to have curves and a bit of a tummy is natural after lugging a baby about for 9 months of pregnancy – unless of course you fall into the ‘too posh to push’ category, in which case a quick tummy tuck at time of c-section will cure this quite nicely, and make the rest of the female world look on in awe and then at themselves in the mirror in complete disgust. What will we have next ‘bingo booty’ from sitting on a chair playing online bingo sites all day?  Tell us your thoughts, we would love to hear how all our readers feel about this subject.

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