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Why you don’t have to play bingo to win £1m

  • 13 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Lottery scratchcard winMost people if they heard that a bingo hall worker had won £1m would immediately assume that the lucky winner had won playing bingo, this bingo hall winner however managed to scoop their £1m windfall by playing a lottery scratchcard.  The very lucky lady Audrey White was actually given the winning lottery scratchcard in error by the assistant in the supermarket when she was doing her weekly shop.  Audrey had wanted a cheaper £2 lottery card and was given the winning £5 card by mistake,  Audrey being a person not to make a song and dance of such things accepted the £5 lottery card rather than make a fuss, a decision which most certainly has had life changing consequences.

The 58 year old bingo hall employee had already won £5 on her first card and was in fact returning to exchange the winning ticket for another lottery scratchcard, as luck often comes in threes we wonder if Audrey will now play the Euromillions or play some online bingo sites just in case! Being a lottery millionaire hasn’t stopped Audrey from going to work either, she still goes off to her job at the Felixstowe Palace Bingo Hall where she is an assistant manager.  Being a dedicated worker and happy in her work means that Audrey intends to stay in her job, though she admits in the article published in the Guardian that she now has “a private bank account in Mayfair,” stating “I’ve got my own private banker. This sort of thing doesn’t happen to an assistant bingo manager.”

The news for Audrey about her big jackpot win couldn’t come as more of a relief, as she has in the past suffered worries when her finances got into a muddle and she actually faced losing her home with a repossession threat hanging over her head.  Audrey can now relax knowing that she need never worry about her mortgage again, as one of her immediate plans is to clear the debt and buy a new conservatory with her new found fortune.  Bingo Hideout would like to wish Audrey well with her big lottery win – and what a delight for Bingo Hideout to be able to tell such a heart warming story!

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