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William Hill Bingo £18k jackpot winner a record breaker?

  • 21 Jan 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

William Hill BingoWilliam Hill Bingo have made the news today as one of their brand new players won a massive jackpot bingo prize within forty minutes of opening his account.  Darryl Howe took the life changing decision to join the William Hill Bingo site never thinking for one minute that he would be £18,000 better off in less than hour later.  Darryl who is 24 and comes from Moreton-in-Marsh in Gloucester believes that his good fortune at the William Hill Bingo site is “just beginners luck”, and good luck it most certainly is.

Mines a Guinness! Says Darryl?

This story is remarkable for more than just the incredible good luck that Darryl had by winning  so quickly, as his big win came by gaining a 15 number full house in only 23 bingo balls.  This according to an article in the Telegraph today is highly unusual; in fact the odds of this happening to a bingo player are around 93,400,706,414 to one! So rare is this big bingo win that the team at William Hill Bingo believe it to be a record breaker.  William Hill Bingo are so convinced that this bingo win is something unusual that they are  attempting to get the bingo win recorded in The Guinness Book of World Records.

Bingo bonus could provide success for other new players too

So far there has been no word from anyone beating this record, but William Hill have said that they are very keen to hear from anyone who believes that they have had, or know of anyone who has had a quicker win.  If you are hoping to emulate the bingo jackpot success of Darryl then joining William Hill Bingo will provide a new player bonus of £25 – max out your bingo tickets and you never know we might be writing about you next! Although as a postscript William Hill Bingo have added to their press release in respect of the big bingo jackpot prize that ‘Darryl won a £18,066.51 jackpot for getting the full house, for a 25p ticket’. So clearly 25p is sufficient to win a big jackpot ….. If of course you have the luck of Darryl Howe that is!


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