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Woman Completes 10k Run After her Heart Stops on Bingo Hall Floor

  • 26 Jun 15
  • Written by LisaLucky

British Heart foundationHave you ever believed you could not do something because you’ve had a bad day? Well it’s time you modified your outlook on life and got up and achieved your dreams. A lady who survived a deadly cardiac arrest while doing nothing more than enjoying a game of bingo has incredibly completed a 10k marathon merely 7 months on.

The new super woman is named Maria Carmichael and she executed the Great Women’s 10k marathon for the British Heart foundation, obviously a charity that now signifies a great deal to Maria. Marias experience began back in October 2014, she was happily delighting in a game of bingo at Mecca gaming hall in Greenock. Maria experienced a sharp pain in her chest while listening out for her numbers, “The pain in my chest and my back was so acute and intense I really thought I was about to die” said Maria. Other bingo players watched in horror as she collapsed to the floor and watched the life-threatening incident unfold.

Only 7 months after that horrific experience and being brought back by paramedics on the bingo hall floor, Maria is celebrating the completion of the Morrison’s supermarket-sponsored 10k with her devoted good friends and followers, Anne Robinson and Seonaid Rae in an outstanding time of two hours one minute. The three ladies have raised an astonishing £1000 for the British Heart foundation and are presently in the process of arranging a cheque presentation at one of the charities shops down West Blackhall Street.

Maria has continued to show enormous nerve and the motivation to succeed; Maria’s doctor even expressed his worry for her doing the race stating that he ‘wasn’t sure’. Although an experienced runner Maria had previously smoked 40 cigarettes a day prior to her near death encounter which may have been a contributory element for her heart attack. This particular race was Marias 5th 10k race and she was going to put just as much heart and soul into this race as she had the others. Not only was she competing to raise funds for a charity so close to her heart, literally, she was also making it happen in memory of her late father who passed away at the age of 63 so the day was a milestone in Marias life for a variety of different reasons.

Maria has made it clear the whole ordeal has certainly not put her off playing bingo, Maria exclaimed that “I still go to the bingo every Sunday night and the staff all ask after me, which is really nice. I’ve not had any big wins but I feel I’ve won the biggest prize of all– still being around.” Her ordeal seems to have made her more passionate about the game than ever and hasn’t dampened her spirits at all. Maria has even said when she dies she would like to have a ‘bingo ball flower arrangement’.

Life is short and it’s always important to never give up. Sometimes it takes a scare to make you realise what you really need to do, even if it means carrying on playing bingo…

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