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Wondering What Happened to Wonder Bingo?

  • 20 Jul 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altSome of you may be ex-members, many will have heard of them by name, and a few of you may never have come across them before, but it appears that WonderBingo has finally closed their doors this month.

Now, we certainly didn’t see this one coming, and the site’s homepage gives no explanation for the sudden closure. It does, however, state that members can still access their accounts over at BingoPalace.co.uk, and that this alternate site will be opening a special WonderBingo room to help migrating players feel at home.

So, we’re wondering what happened to this seemingly successful online gaming site… Wonder launched in 2011, and was the first bingo-based Facebook application to spawn an online website for their players. All had seemed well, as they recently celebrated their first anniversary, and had also advertised their brand on TV’s Alan Titchmarsh show.

Only in June 2012, they had re-vamped their site on a major scale, changing from bespoke software, which offered members social networking, the ability to give gifts to friends, and a variety of skill games, over to straightforward online bingo. The re-design was a shame, as the ‘old’ website really set them apart from the majority of their competitors by way of their unique player offerings. You wouldn’t have thought that they’d have gone to the time and expense of making so many changes if they knew they’d be closing up shop within a month.

It’s not just WonderBingo.com that’s pulled the plug either, because their relatively new casino site, WonderWinners.com, has done a disappearing act as well. The site states that player accounts have also been relocated to BingoPalace, and that the usual bonus structure has “changed significantly” as a result. It makes no sense that BingoPalace is now the face of the Wonder sites, as this is really a less popular brand, although they do offer a good range of slots, poker, keno and table games, and of course they are also powered by Parlay.

It’s always sad to see sites like WonderBingo closing, but it does raise some interesting questions about the direction that online bingo is taking. For example, will new sites always struggle to establish themselves in time, even with heavy advertising? Is it too hard to retain a fan-base which was initially created via Facebook? Is there too much expectation on online bingo sites to provide free bingo over pay-to-play games? We’ll have to wait and see of course, but in the meantime, we hope that our other favourite brands keep their doors wide open.

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