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X-Factor’s Frankie Swaps Drugs for Bingo

  • 22 Aug 13
  • Written by Deena Chance

altA recent article published by the online version of Heat Magazine really took us aback when we saw the latest celebrity convert to the wonderful world of bingo. Who’d have thought that X-Factor’s Frankie Cocozza would see the error of his wild ways and pick up a dabber at his local bingo club? It seems that the 20-year-old has decided that doing drugs and womanising are well behind him now that he’s finally found love with his new girlfriend, Leah. Frankie was ungraciously booted off Britain’s favourite TV talent show back in 2011 after allegedly breaking the X-Factor’s golden rule about not taking drugs. It’s said that the young singer was overheard backstage boasting about a cocaine-fuelled romp in the sack, and when he told his side of things to the media afterwards, he openly admitted that he’d taken the illegal drug six times in his life and that it’s a decision he’ll regret for the “rest of his life.” He was also in the papers several times for his dalliances with various ladies, and admits that things “just got mental as women would just come up to me.”

Now, in 2013, Frankie says, “Bingo’s the wildest I get these days.” He added that he’s put drugs behind him for good and that he and his new love, Leah Hudson, regularly walk down to their local bingo club where the staff know their names because they go so often. Sometimes, he says, they’ll even go to the club twice a day, although many of the other regulars are “people who are over 70.” Convert, Frankie, says his new love of Leah and bingo have really helped to turn his life around, and that he no longer feels the need to “get high” as “bingo is such a natural buzz.”

The first time the couple went to the club, Frankie won £25 and admits he was “shaking.” Then, over the course of the next three weeks, he won a further £100. The ex-wild boy says he reached the stage where he realised he’d done enough of going out, getting drunk, and picking up girls, and that he’s now “so in love mentally” with Leah that the thought of getting physical with anyone else doesn’t even cross his mind. When asked about the infamous tattoos on his derriere (a list of names of his alleged conquests), Frankie says he was originally going to put crosses through all the names, but has now decided to get them all removed as a sign of respect for his new girlfriend.

Whatever you think about Frankie, you have to admit he’s right about bingo being brilliant!

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