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You can have a lack of enthusiasm and still be a winner

  • 28 Feb 09
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Gala BingoThe news in the Northants Evening Telegraph kind of makes the average regular bingo player a little green with envy, and even possibly that there is really no justice in the world. The news in the Northants local paper is that a man has just won a bingo jackpot of £57,000 at the Gala Bingo Hall in Kettering High Street, yet had to be taken almost kicking and screaming to play bingo by his girlfriend and her mother. The man in question (who has asked to remain anonymous, possibly for fear of a lynching) at first thought that he had won a full house prize of £8,500 and was later in complete shock when he realized that he had won the High 5 jackpot prize. The winner scooped the fabulous jackpot prize after only playing for the fourth time which has got to be some kind of record in itself.

The High 5 game at Gala Bingo is enormously successful and with three opportunities to win a big prize it is obvious why it is so successful. Anyone who calls a full house with a number 5 instantly wins 50% of the rollover jackpot prize, and if you make a call on any number ending in a 5 then there is 10% of the prize money to win. There is also an opportunity to win a share of the remainder of the prize fund for those in the same club. Running completely independently to the main High 5 game there is a local version that still offers 3 chances to win High 5.

This particular narrative is likely to go down in bingo folklore, with the advice up and down the country dished out to any reluctant friends and relatives who don’t want to go and play bingo no doubt being; never miss the opportunity to go because you never know this may have been the night when you were meant to win the High 5 Jackpot, there once was a man from Kettering.

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