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888 Ladies’ golden gate to a day of winners

  • 01 Aug 09
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888 Ladies

If number eight is your lucky number, you’re probably a member of the fantastic 888 Ladies already, but even if it’s not, get over there for the 10pm game on Friday the 31st and you may find that 8 quickly becomes your lucky number! With a guaranteed jackpot of a massive £8,888 to play for you can even pre-buy for this huge game if you already have plans. Pre-buying is the only option when you can’t miss out on a night out and who knows, you could find that your bank account is transformed by the time you get home -and all for one pound- what a lovely thought!

That’s not all, folks!

As if that wasn’t enough to get your pulse racing, regular players at 888 Ladies will remember last year’s 888day fell on August 8th and was a resounding success with many players going online for the chance to scoop up huge jackpots. This year you’ll be happy to hear is going to be even bigger with chances to win 8’s all day.

There are for example three £888 guaranteed pre-buy games, which means you’ll have to fit three fat ladies over the counter at your local bank, but we think the manager will be happy to see them, so never fear!

Put that date in your diary

In addition to this there are 13 free £80 jackpot games so you can pocket a tidy sum for nada, and if you bingo on the number 8 you’ll even get 1,000 LP’s added to your account. What’s more if you bingo on the 8 pattern, you’ll also1,000 LP’s and even if you’re not lucky enough to hit an eight dead on, why not try doubling your LP’s in the many 8 themed chat games all day? Sounds like an amazing day’s bingo wouldn’t you say? But wait; there’s more in fact we’ve saved the best for last. If you’re hungry for more jackpots, how about the chance to win £24,000? That’s right, all these games will be played out on August 8th so stay tuned to find out more about timetables but make sure you’re free that day.


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