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888 Ladies not PC?

  • 02 Jan 10
  • Written by

888 Ladies

We’re not meaning to put a dampener on anyone’s New Year and perhaps we should have saved this little story until 2010 was in full swing, but since it affects everyone who loves online bingo we took an executive decision and decided to go for it. So, brace yourselves Hideout members because today we bring you news that the game as we know it may well be changing forever in the new decade and not in a way that we like!

Brace yourselves…

What are we on about? Well, if you believe the reports currently flooding the world of online bingo you’ll know that the EU are looking to change some of our bingo calls that are considered not PC! Calls such as Two Fat Ladies are specifically being challenged despite their long standing in the history of the British game and the fact that we’ve never heard anyone complain about them!

We all know that bingo has long been a leisure choice of many in the UK and even long before online bingo took off, land based bingo was shouting calls such as these. Since most bingo calls have been around since the post war period, many have even passed into common language and players and non players alike would know which number is meant by Two Fat Ladies and are not too likely to be offended by the term!

What to do about it?

If like us you find this idea slightly ridiculous you can rest assured that the lovely Rob Hutchinson has got the backing of the Plain English Campaign as part of his bid to save bingo slang. In fact in response to the perceived threat to our lingo, Chrissie Maher OBE and founder of the Plain English Campaign had this to say, “Our language is a reflection of our society and people will always create slang terms. But familiar phrases that carry no ill-intentions are usually accepted by most people using PC”.

We couldn’t agree more at the Hideout and while we’d never offend anyone, we don’t intend to stop saying Two Fat Ladies where appropriate in 2010 and we hope that 888 Ladies doesn’t remove the image of voluptuous women from their site either!


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