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A Charitable Gala

  • 24 Jul 08
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Gala charity bingo

The Gala Coral Group, the name behind all of the games that the Gala Bingo brand run both online and in the live halls, has drawn up plans in conjunction with Sue Ryder to set up a fund-raiser to raise £1 million for the charity over the next 18 months.

Playing bingo has long been associated with fund raising in the UK and this latest move by the bingo giant Gala has gone a long way to underline this connection and its importance to those that run the game. From church fundraising games to ongoing monthly games for charity, bingo – whether live or online – is often used as a means of helping others as well as entertainment.

Historically these games were held to help raise money for
the surrounding community but as the popularity of online bingo has
spread the focus has changed so that we as players can help those who
are in need of aid no matter how far away they may be.

order to decide which charity should receive their help, Gala set up an
employee vote to determine who should be the main focus of their
charity drive. Sue Ryder came out on top as the clear winner due to its
commitment to those who have serious illnesses and their families. The
charity works with those suffering from dementia, cancer,
Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and brain injury among
other conditions and aims to improve the quality of life of those
suffering and those around them.

charity aims to increase its hours of support and care to those
affected by serious illnesses in their care from 4 million to 10
million and the Gala push will provide the resources to do so. The Sue Ryder Trust works with
those that are terminally ill to provide a better quality of care and
their work takes place worldwide, particularly where healthcare may be

Bingo Hideout believe that helping others through a pastime as enjoyable as online bingo is an excellent way to contribute and hope our members will support this worthy cause, even if it's only as a one off donation.

The main focus of our online bingo articles this week has been on charitable donations through play, so if
you're looking to support a different cause why not read our
charity begins at home article to find out how to spread the love next
time you're in play?


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