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A great bet for a holiday made in bingo heaven

  • 02 May 08
  • Written by admin

Holiday bingoSpring is the time of year when our thoughts turn to holidays and where to visit this year. Although most people’s lives don’t revolve around playing bingo, it’s a great way to have fun no matter where you are and language needn’t be a barrier now that wall mounted boards are standard in bingo halls.

Vegas in Nicosia?

So, if you’re looking for a holiday that can abroad that can incorporate your favourite online bingo gaming hobby, you could do worse than taking a look at the brand new bingo hall in Nicosia. This is the latest and largest of bingo halls to open in Cyprus recently and is drawing the crowds in, young and old, on account of its Vegas-style surroundings.

The Ethnikos Assias hall has the technology and predominately young crowd to turn any night into a cool visit to bingo heaven. With flat screen TVs and digital boards to follow the calls on, this attraction seems to have all that holidaying bingo fans could wish for. This hall is situated in downtown Nicosia so you can explore the city in between sessions and get to know the island that only became part of the EU in 2004.

Cruising for Bingo

Of course if you fancy a leisurely holiday with bingo fun added into the bargain, there are plenty of cruises you can take to all sorts of wonderful destinations that offer bingo as part of the daily entertainment. A fantastic way to play and enjoy the break you deserve, a cruise doesn’t have to cost the earth, and who knows maybe you’ll hit the jackpot while sailing on the high seas?

For a time cruises were regarded in the same light as bricks and mortar bingo ie for OAPs in the main. However, when you start to investigate the fun to be had on board most cruise liners you’ll discover that, as with live bingo, this is no longer the case (if it ever were). If you can organise a trip with your roomies, you’ll be laughing; think of the latest Foxy stint on a boat and imagine how you and your mates can invent an itinerary of your own!

There are plenty of ways to have your bingo hit while on holiday, not least of which include the local seaside pier events, but whatever you choose have fun and good luck.

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